IT-Services offered by PA-Soft

PA-Soft is a software development company in Austria and specializes in providing outsourcing services in the following areas:

Custom software development

Software "off-the-peg" often is not the best solution for a company which needs to gain decisive competitive advantages: Most successful companies use tailored software solutions to reduce costs created by functional redundancy of standard software, to improve the workflow and the productivity inside the company and to open up new business segments.
We comply with the latest development and technology standards, apply cutting edge software engineering methodologies and integration procedures adjusted to every specific case. Upon request we can deliver the software in any existing language(s).

Design, redesign, support, integration and maintenance of custom software

We are ready to go an extra mile to be always at hand when support, maintenance or our creative activity to perform design or redesign is required.

Software testing

We provide our customers with the important information about the quality of their software or our product that is planned to be used for their purposes. Our usage of advanced testing procedures ensures software positive performance.

Information technology consulting

To make offshore software development efficient and reduce the related costs our customers often request process and technology consulting that prove to be of considerable use to them while building a productive model of software development outsource.

Writing technical documentation

We also offer compiling technical documentation for the software we develop. Software documentation serves not only as a written description and as a detailed explanation of the application functions, but contains also learning sections and tutorials according to the newest standards. We normally provide our clients with user manuals, operation and servicing instructions.

Learning and Multimedia software

We can provide you with our rich experience with Learning and Multimedia software and custom solutions in this area.

Custom web-design and tailored web-applications

Supplying our clients with custom web design and tailored web-applications we help them individualize their business and make it stand out of the crowd. If you want, we can host your website or web-application on our own servers in a first-class European data-center with highest data-protection standards, so you don't need to invest time and money in a proprietary server or web-hosting infrastructure.

 Here are some examples of existing web-applications from PA-Soft: Free Online Web Applications

Software translation

We offer translation services also for your existing COMPILED (!) software applications. If you need to be competitive on international markets then we are the right solution provider for you.

 Why you should use our IT-Services

Our goal is to increase the net profit of your company by:

  • Optimizing the workflow in your company with our custom software solutions
  • Allowing you to exploit new areas of business in your company through our custom software solutions

 SDP (Synergetic Development Process)

Developing the best software solution for your business often is a multistage process which includes a synergetic circle of analysis and optimization from our part and feedback from your part. For this purpose we have created our specific development process model SDP (Synergetic Development Process):

 Create a summary or specification sheet

The first step toward increased business success: Please create a summary or a specification sheet of the problem you want to solve and a list of the desired requirements. Complete discretion is guaranteed, as we understand that companies often wish to protect the technical and design elements of their products from the eyes of competitors or have to comply with strict security regulations. As reputable contractors we offer to sign any non-disclosure agreements if you wish. You may also include any other possible requirements, such as legal and financial frameworks or a required time limit, etc.

Please send your inquiry from the Contact page or directly by e-mail () and attach any specification sheet if required. We will answer in the shortest time possible and will be pleased to let you have a nonbinding quotation that will inform you of the exact price and the estimated delivery time. If we need more information or additional specifications we will contact you at any time you wish.

Don't hesitate to contact us! We can provide a solution for all your software development needs!

 Business alliances

We are also open to any other reputable business alliances, business partnerships, marketing cooperation or investment offers. Please don't hesitate to contact us!