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Purchase 1 PA-RUN Lifetime License valid for 2 Computers for only US$24.50

This Purchase website is secure - read the security report:

A few seconds after the successful purchase the Activation Code for PA-RUN will be sent to the e-mail address entered when purchasing the PA-RUN license. So please make sure that e-mails from and in general all e-mails from are white-listed in your e-mail program. If in doubt, look in the spam-folder in your e-mail program.

You can install PA-RUN on 2 different computers (e.g. Desktop and Laptop). If you need to, you can easily transfer a license activation (or both) from one computer to another computer by deactivating a license activation on one (or both) computers. All this can be easily done from PA-RUN with a single mouse-click:

In PA-RUN, go to the About page, at the BUY section you can enter the ACTIVATION CODE you received by e-mail when purchasing the license. At the same place you can also deactivate the license activation on that computer.

You can easily manage your purchased license online here: My License

If you encounter any problems don't hesitate to contact PA-SOFT Support.

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This program is free only for NON-COMMERCIAL PERSONAL use.

If used inside a commercial environment or any organization a Commercial License must be purchased!

The purchase link will be available in the next days.

Click here to purchase a License - 19 EUR

Software development is very expensive because it needs a large amount of resources and time and highly skilled developers. Please support the development of high quality software by purchasing a License.