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 New: PDF Transformer

Many computer users often need to tranform PDF documents to images and text. We have a solution:

PDF Transformer is a new cool and handy tool to QUICKLY and EASILY transform PDF documents to high quality images and text:

Simply drag & drop a PDF file on the PDF Transformer window to automatically transform it to an image.

The program is incredibly fast: Loading a 300-pages PDF document is practically INSTANTANEOUS!

There are many additional features on the toolbar:

 Copy the image converted from PDF to the clipboard (optionally automatic)

 Copy the text extracted from PDF to the clipboard (optionally automatic)

 Save the image converted from PDF to a custom location

 Save the text extracted from PDF to a custom location

   Scale the image with highest quality to various predefined and custom sizes

  Rotate the image

 Show the metadata of the loaded PDF document (Author, Subject, Title, etc.)

...and much more!

The full version with additonal features (OCR, simple page navigation, convert whole PDF document, edit images, etc.) will be available in a short time.

This demo version is fully functional, except it can transform only the first page of a PDF document and the pages reachable by bookmarks.

Download FREE PDF Transformer Demo (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Just save the ZIP file on your computer, unzip it and run the program - you don't need to install it!

 ClipSmartPro 2.0 is here!

After some time of intense development, ClipSmartPro 2.0 - the powerful and outstanding Clipboard Manager - has arrived! There are many new exciting features, please read:

 NEW  Instantly create  Video Clips  in ClipSmartPro from Youtube! Then store them in your personal collection and watch them whenever you want!
ClipSmartPro Clipboard Viewer with Video Clip
 NEW  Store your preferred Clips (e.g. code and Rich Text snippets, videos, file and document collections, pictures, etc.) in your customizable ClipSmartPro collection of  Permanent Clips  and re-use them whenever you want! It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!
ClipSmartPro Permanent Clips
 NEW  Copy a picture from anywhere, then transform and edit it in the ClipSmartPro  Image Editor . Then insert it in your document!
ClipSmartPro Image Editor
 NEW  Create  HTML Clips  by copying a selection from a web page. Then edit it in the ClipSmartPro  HTML Editor  (WYSIWYG or HTML source). Then insert it in your web-design project!
ClipSmartPro Permanent Clips
 IMPROVED  Copy some text from anywhere and then edit and format it in the powerful  ClipSmartPro Rich Text Editor ! Then save the changes and paste it wherever you want!
The ClipSmartPro Rich Text Editor

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